• Mist Fan Conversion Kit
  • Mist Fan Conversion Kit
  • Mist Fan Conversion Kit
  • Mist Fan Conversion Kit

Mist Fan Conversion Kit

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Convert any of your domestic/commercial fan into a Mist Cooling Fan with Eurokraft DIY mist fan conversion kit, suitable for any brand like Crompton Grieves (CG), Usha, Philips, Bajaj, Almonard, and any other fan brand of minimum size 18 inch diameter
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Product parameters: Power supply with leakage protection switch!
Power: 55 W
Voltage: 220 V 
Noise: > 40 db
Effective area: 30-70m2
Instant Cooling: 3-12°C

Packing list: 
1 x centrifugal atomizing disk main machine
1 x set of installation parts 
Temperature reduction, humidification, dust removal, cooling, disinfection, prevention epidemic, static electricity removal are widely used in planting, greenhouse greenhouse, flower horticulture, animal husbandry, farm house, textile mill , factory workshop, industrial buildings, etc.
Product features: Great fog, energy saving, no maintenance, fast humidification, anti-clogging and so on.
The original common industrial fan can be converted into a spray fan. Just buy this set of accessories.Self equipped with a water tank or bucket,The sprayer is fixed in the front of the industrial fan,forms a simple spray fan.; (Only accessories do not contain fans).



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