Misting Nozzle

The Eurokraft anti-drop misting nozzle is usually made of brass body and SS or ceramic nozzle core inside together with SS vane, it contains a anti-drop device, the liquid is flowing at a high speed under pressure of 5-120 bar and forming a centrifugal vortex while passing the vane, then come out from the nozzle in a fine mist hollow spraying.

The filter usually made of teflon, with spray particle size of around 5-20 microns, this nozzle can be widely used in factory, humidification, salt fog test Inspection, artificial fog and other places of required for humidifying, The orifice of this nozzle is punched by precision American punching machine which ensures the diameter is around 0.1mm-0.5mm.

This nozzle is well made and the cost is saved by 10 times compared with air humidification.
Common Application
Wetting & Rust Removal
Humidify For Space
Chemical Treatment
Liquid Coating
Humidify For Tobacco Leaf
Pill Coating
Evaporative Cooling For Flue Gas
Disinfection & Sterilization
Parts Cooling
Fruit Wax Injection
Ceramic Tile Glazing
Humidify For Factory
Salt Fog Test
Artificial Fog
Humidify For Other Place

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