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Low Pressure Mist Nozzle Pushfit Anti-Drip Fog Nozzle

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Description: -

100% Brand new and high quality.

- Durable brass, and this nozzle can use the pressure from tap water, wear resistance, rapid flow water and not blocked.

- Easy to install Removable nozzle for easy cleaning Atomization water mist effect, good water

-saving effect.

- Mist spot are fine, up to 3-7 microns,fully atomized, energy saving,low cost.

- Used for gardening watering, balcony patio cooling, greenhouse humidification cooling.

Specification: -

Material: Brass - Hole

Diameter: 0.3mm

- Outer Diameter:9.5mm

-N ozzles Connection size: 6mm dia for plug

- Working Pressure: 5~15bar

Low powered


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