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Kerosene heater TS-77 Indoor Heating

SKU: TS-77
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Product Name:-Kerosene Heater


Fuel type: Kerosene

Fuel Tank Capacity :6liter

Output heat: 7800-8900 kcal / h

Fuel Consumption :0.25liter/h

Heat-Resist Glass Bumer

People who have Kerosene oil should buy this product.

Heating area: 12 square meters

Use range: family, office, outdoor

Duration: 16-21h

Product Features

1 wick fuel supply, burning rate of 100%, smokeless and tasteless.

2. Radiating infrared heat energy forward, air clean and dust free.

3. The fuel tank and the fuselage are integrated, easy to move.

4. Large heating area, smokeless, odorless, safe, clean, energy saving and environmental protection.

5. Ignition or flameout within 5s, the best combustion state within 2-3min, 15s before purification, and then clean the control system for 180s.



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