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  • Grace Pro Mist Fan
  • Grace Pro Mist Fan

Grace Pro Mist Fan

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Made In India
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Mist fan 26" powerful heavy duty mist fan

Features :

-solid construction for high performance and durability.

- high velocity motor for maximum air circulation.

- no noise performance.

- fully adjustable features.

- zero maintainance.

- no nozzle

- disc technology power source: pedestal

- electric type: easy - water

mist fan installation:self assembly, manual included.

- voltage (v): 220

- colour: black

- motor size: 120*120*24mm pure copper motor

- power (w): approx. 180

- the mist fan uses centrifugal force technology, therefore, there is no nozzle jam problem and requires no filtration system, no complicated pump connection and no need of complex electrical cable.

Technical specifications:

* 26 inch hi capacity fan * 3 speed full copper wiring motor (1440 rpm)

* tilt adjustable fan 30 degree

* heavy duty aluminium blade

* black powder coated grill blade and framework

* flow mist generator

* zero maintenance

* 4 castors wheels for easy movement

* easy to install

* adjustable misting

* no special demand of the quality of the water

* oscillating fan 70 degree

* 45 liters water tank (lasts for 8 hours max)

* mist can be used without fan also

* temperature drop 5 degree to 10 degree celsius

* cooling area 450 sq ft approx

* jet distance - 10-15feet

* single unit frame with handle

* working voltage : 220-240 v

* power consumption : 165 w to 230 w

  1. Cooling outdoor spaces: The high-pressure mist fan is an effective way to cool outdoor areas, making it more comfortable for people to enjoy their time outside, even during hot weather.

  2. Humidifying: In addition to cooling, high-pressure mist fans can also increase the humidity level in the air, which can be beneficial in dry climates.

  3. Repelling insects: The mist from the fan can also help repel insects, making it ideal for use in outdoor dining areas.

  4. Energy-efficient: High-pressure mist fans are designed to be energy-efficient, using less energy than air conditioning units.

  5. Improving air quality: The fan can help improve air quality by removing dust and other pollutants from the air.

Overall, THESE high-pressure mist fans are a versatile and efficient way to cool outdoor areas, improve air quality, and create a comfortable environment for people to enjoy.

Kindly Note the installation of the fan has to be done by the buyer. All instructions to assemble the fan are included in the manual.Easy to assemble and install.

The fan comes packed into 3 distinct boxes.

The motor pump for misting remains submerged in water tank while misting is on. It is recommended to switch off the misting when water level goes below the head of the pump. Please read the instruction manual carefully before installing.


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